US and Canadian "GiganTour 88"

Tour Information

Date: June 18 - September 11 1988

Shows: 76


  • NOFX

Misc: We only have two sources that give us info about this tour: the photo comments at and the back off the old tour shirt. Both of them are most likely not completely accurate, but still better than nothing.


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  1. Jun-18 Las Vegas, NV
  2. Jun-22 Berkeley, CA
  3. Jun-25 Berkeley, CA
  4. Jun-26 Santa Rosa, CA
  5. Jun-27 Fresno, CA
  6. Jun-28 San Francisco, CA
  7. Jun-29 San Diego, CA
  8. Jun-30 Santa Barbara, CA
  9. Jul-01 San Francisco, CA
  10. Jul-02 Oakland, CA
  11. Jul-03 Ashland, OR
  12. Jul-04 Eugene, OR ( says Ashland, OR)
  13. Jul-05 Portland, OR
  14. Jul-06 Seattle, WA
  15. Jul-08 Tacoma, WA
  16. Jul-09 Spokane, WA
  17. Jul-10 Pasco, WA
  18. Jul-11 Boise, ID
  19. Jul-12 Boise, ID
  20. Jul-13 Boise, ID
  21. Jul-14 Reno, NV
  22. Jul-15 Salt Lake City, UT
  23. Jul-16 Fort Collins, CO
  24. Jul-17 Lincoln, NE
  25. Jul-18 Des Moines, IA
  26. Jul-19 Lawrence, KS
  27. Jul-20 St. Louis, MO
  28. Jul-22 Milwaukee, WS
  29. Jul-23 Chicago, IL
  30. Jul-24 Madison, WS
  31. Jul-25 Medford, WS
  32. Jul-26 Green Bay, WS
  33. Jul-27 Appelton, WI (not mentioned on t-shirt)
  34. Jul-28 Dayton, OH
  35. Jul-30 Columbus, OH
  36. Jul-31 Indianapolis, IN
  37. Aug-01 Cleveland, OH
  38. Aug-02 Youngstown, PA
  39. Aug-03 Pittsburg, PA
  40. Aug-04 Buffalo, NY
  41. Aug-05 Toronto, ON, CAN
  42. Aug-06 Montreal, QC, CAN
  43. Aug-07 Ottawa, ON, CAN
  44. Aug-08 Burlington, ON, CAN
  45. Aug-09 Portsmith, NH
  46. Aug-10 Boston, MA
  47. Aug-11 New Haven, CT
  48. Aug-12 Allentown, PA (or one of the other Allentowns)
  49. Aug-13 Philadelphia, PA
  50. Aug-14 New York, NY
  51. Aug-15 Hummelstown, PA
  52. Aug-16 York, PA ( shows a Las Vegas flyer for this date, but that's just stupid; see 1985 Tour)
  53. Aug-17 Baltimore, MD
  54. Aug-18 Morgantown, PA
  55. Aug-19 Washington, D.C.
  56. Aug-20 Richmond, VA
  57. Aug-21 Norfolk, VA
  58. Aug-22 Raleigh, NC
  59. Aug-23 Chapel Hill, NC
  60. Aug-24 Winston, GA
  61. Aug-25 Charlotte, NC
  62. Aug-26 Myrtle Beach, SC
  63. Aug-27 Columbia, SC
  64. Aug-28 Gainsville, FL
  65. Aug-29 Tampa, FL
  66. Aug-30 Pensacola, FL
  67. Sep-02 New Orleans, LA
  68. Sep-03 Houston, TX
  69. Sep-04 San Antonio, TX
  70. Sep-05 Dallas, TX
  71. Sep-06 Oklahoma City, OK
  72. Sep-07 Amarillo, TX
  73. Sep-08 Albuquerque, NM
  74. Sep-09 Tuscon, AZ
  75. Sep-10 Phoenix, AZ
  76. Sep-11 Las Vegas, NV


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