Road Beckons for NOFX

Addicted To Noise

Everybody wants their own personal alternative to Lollapalooza. Now 4AD Records is going to give William Morris and Perry Farrell (together or separately) and the Warped Tour a run for their money. They'll mount their version this spring, which they're calling the Shaving The Pavement tour. And, quite naturally, the tour will feature three of the label's best and brightest. Lush, with a new album, Lovelife, due out next month, headline, supported by Mojave 3 and scheer. The 25 city tour begins April 11 in Seattle, Washington. In addition to the three official acts, we're told that other 4AD artists will drop by for guest spots. Artists like Tarnation, Liquorice, His Name Is Alive and Lisa Germano. If you're real good (and in the right place at the right time) you might also witness brief performances by the likes of the Deal twins, and their bands, past and present. One source told us, "Maybe Kim Deal will show up and sing Hank Williams'songs--that kind of thing." Did we tell you about the free stuff? At every show during the tour there will be give-always of cassette samplers and the like.