Never Trust A Hippy

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  1. Seeing Double At The Triple Rock* (2:09)
  2. The Marxist Brothers* (2:47)
  3. Golden Boys^ (2:47)
  4. You're Wrong^ (2:06)
  5. Everything In Moderation (Especially Moderation) (1:23)
  6. I Am Going To Hell For This One^ (1:53)

(*) From the album Wolves In Wolves' Clothing

(^) Revised versions of songs from the 7" Of The Month Club

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  • 12 on the Top Independent|||

}} Template:Ifeq:*The cover was supposed to show Jesus holding a gun, but no one wanted to stock it because of it so they changed it for a peace sign Template:Ifeq:Rick Remender

Date: March-14-2006
  • 186 on the Top 200
  • 12 on the Top Independent

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Format: CD

Price: US$6.00

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