NOFX Do It With Sheep at Heavy Petting Zoo

Addicted To Noise

ATN editor Michael Goldberg reports: Call it coincidence, but when I got back to the ATN office after speaking at the Internet censorship rally Thursday, I found the upcoming NOFX album waiting in the mail box, along with a poster for the album, which is called Heavy Petting Zoo. The album itself is a brilliant example of mid-'90's punk that any fan of Rancid, Green Day and/or The Offspring will dig. Yeah, but what's that got to do with protesting Internet censorship laws? Well, in the spirit of The Sex Pistols, NOFX want to be sure that they offend just about anyone they can. So to promote Heavy Petting Zoo they've created so truly touching pieces of artwork. One flyer that arrived with the advance tape depicts a cowboy getting very intimate with a sheep. The full color poster that Epitaph Records sent out is titled Eating Lamb. Imagine a cowboy with his jeans down around his ankles initiating oral sex with a barnyard animal. Delightful.