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So there are fuck ewes, guitar picks, bottles of Cisco, and other things floating around. If you know of anything that's not here add a description of it and some photos (if you have any).


Cisco Bottles


NOFX and Epitaph produced 100 of these in 1994 to promote Punk In Drublic. There are probably a lot less than 100 left. These come in a few flavours:

  • Orange
  • Berry
  • Lime

Fuck Ewes

These were made to promote Heavy Petting Zoo. NOFX had these on tour around the release in 1996.

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1987 - 1995

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1996 - 1999

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Epitaph Collection 2000

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2000 - 2007

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Guitar Picks

Fat Mike, El Hefe and Eric Melvin all have their own personalized guitar picks, and each comes in a variety of colours.

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Autographed Pump Up The Valuum CD Nofxjunkee won a signed copy of Pump Up The Valuum from

Autographed The Decline CD Bogus got Fat Mike to autograph this The Decline CD at the Vans Warped Tour in Fargo 2002 (Looks suspiciously like the word FAG, or a sloppy FAT)

Autographed Dollar Localguy got Eric Melvin to "autograph" one of the 5000 dollars that NOFX threw into the pit during the Warped Tour 98 in Houston, TX. The band thought the venue sounded shitty so they gave the money for the show back to the fans.

Autographed Wolves In Wolves' Clothing LP Rutger bought an autographed copy of Wolves In Wolves' Clothing from Fat Wreck Chordsto benefit Lance Hahn of J Church. The record was donated to Fat by PunkRockJeff a.k.a. Jeff Wegner.

Worker Shirts

Those were sold on their 1996 Eating Lamb / Heavy Petting Eurotour. They came on assorted colors and styles.

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Skate Shorts

Between 1993 and 1998, first Volcom, then Dogpile made NOFX skate shorts in various colors. NOFX sold them at their gigs or you could order directly from Fat Wreck Chords. Later, around 2000, they changed the style of these shorts: only black shorts with smaller embroided, newer NOFX-Logo.

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Beanies, Hats, Caps

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Backstage Passes/Tickets

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Miscellaneous Press

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