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News Update: 20/11/07 - "They've Actually Gotten Worse Live" Now Out!

Buy it from your local store or from Fat now!

News Update: 25/10/07 - Fat sells signed NOFX albums for Lance of J Church

To help with bills that will come from Lance's funeral after an unexpected passing over the weekend, Fat Wreck sold twenty signed copies of Wolves in Wolves' Clothing for $100 each. These twenty records were donated by Wiki member Jeff Wegner aka Punkrockjeff. Proving that there are still some caring people in this world. About the tragic passing of Lance Hahn and his contribution, Jeff had this to say:

For a man that has given so much of his time, energy and life to the punk community by way of his writing, bands and projects, I feel the need to help in any way possible to give back to a man that has given so much to us. R.I.P. Lance.

If you missed your chance to purchase a copy of the record, but would still like to donate to Lance's memorial fund, you can do so by sending a PayPal donation to or by purchasing a J Church t-shirt from the Fat Wreck online store.

Lance Hahn 1967-2007.

News Update: 02/10/07 - Live album track list on Interpunk

The They've Actually Gotten Worse Live track list has been posted on Edit (Oct 09): It has now been confirmed by Fat Wreck Chords.

News Update: 15/08/07 - "They've Actually Gotten Worse Live" to be released in November

NOFX posted a bulletin through stating:


Ever done something you regret while drunk? I know, I know... so embarrassing, right? Ever woken up and rubbed your pounding skull and said, "What did I do last night?" Oh man, you should have seen yourself, first, you got totally blitzed and then... then... this is the best part... YOU RECORDED A LIVE RECORD! That's right, back in January, NOFX booked 3 nights of talking mixed with the occasional song at Slim's in San Francisco and recorded a live record. It's their sloppiest, drunkest, funnest, best sounding recording ever with new versions of old songs, rare songs and they even made sure not to play any songs off their 1995 live album I Heard They Suck Live. They've Actually Gotten Worse Live is scheduled to make the walk of shame into record stores sometime in November.

News Update: 10/07/07 - Tour dates posted a lot of tour dates that we already knew about plus some dates in Israel, Turkey and Bulgaria. Click here to see them.

The November dates are finally up on the Fat website, too. Nothing new except the Portugal show: Lisbon, Nov 18.

News Update: 09+30/05/07 - Upcoming tour dates


We have had a lot of questions from the UK so here are the answers. No we are not playing Reading and Leeds, we thought we were, but they seem to have given our spot to some other bands. We are planning two trips accross the Atlantic. August and September (Northern Europe Russia and Isreal but no UK ) Then in Novemeber we will do a few UK shows (we hear the weather is much better then.) as well as Southern Europe and Southern Africa. Keep your eyes open for dates in a few weeks.

The dates already confirmed by can be found here ("More shows to be added soon!")

News Update: 30/01/07 - New live record

During the ongoing tour, Fat Mike announced that the three shows in San Francisco will be recorded for a new live record, as reported by NOFX Wiki visitors. Discuss this topic on the message board: click.

News Update: 10/01/07 - NOFX plan Documentary

According to this recent article, punk icons NOFX will be making a documentary of an upcoming tour with scheduled stops in Taiwan, Russia, Israel and South Africa. Lead singer/Fat Wreck Chords head-honcho Fat Mike had the following to say about it:

"2007 for NOFX is playing countries we've never been to, we are planning on playing Taiwan, we got permission to play Beijing and we're doing Russia, Israel and South Africa. We're bringing a film crew and we're actually making some kind of documentary about all the weird places we're going to".

Source: &

News Update: 04/01/07 - NOFX to play full album shows

As some of you in the Los Angeles area might know, we will be playing 4 nights at the Hollywood House of Blues. We decided to make it not be boring (for us) and try to perform 75 different songs over the 4 nights. So for all who are going, this is what to expect. On monday we're gonna play "the Decline" in it's entirety. On Tuesday were gonna attempt to play the whole "Punk in Drublic" album (well, there's a couple songs that might not make it). Thursday will be full of songs off "White Trash, two heebs, and a Bean", and "So long and thanks for all the Shoes". Friday is leftovers day. Should be interesting....also note, do-overs are allowed. P.S. more BORE comin'


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Did you know NOFX played an unfinished version of Kill All The White Man at El Hefe's first show?

Did you know used needles were thrown at NOFX once in Denmark?

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Did you know Fat Mike played 3 NOFX songs in acoustic versions at a hotel in Peru?

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Did you know NOFX played the b-side Glass War for the first time in January and even opened with it?

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