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Navigating This Wiki

Most of you are just looking for information. If you've been to the old then this a bit of a change. The site has been restructured so that instead of lyrics, discography, tabs, and puns all having the albums listed within those sections, all that content is now accessible from one place for each album and song.

The Albums page has links to each album. The album pages contain discographic information (including photos) as well as a track listing for that album. The titles of the songs are links to pages with information on that song.

If you prefer the old site then you may want to just check out the Categories this wiki contains. Some main categories here are Lyrics, Tablatures, Puns, and of course Category:Albums (which is really a different look at Albums). From the category pages you can find all the same information; it's just a different way of looking at the listing.

Wiki Know-How

If you need help or a tutorial on how to edit this site, please see these pages:

(A majority of the help content on this wiki was shamelessly stolen from This Might Be A Wiki.)