Forget the Women and Children; Lock Up Your Pets!

Addicted To Noise

ATN's Jennie Yabroff reports: NOFX are in the studio, grossing fans out just as fast as they can. The band is currently recording their new CD, Heavy Petting Zoo for Epitaph records at Razor's Edge in San Francisco, and the LP cover is quite a treat. Lovingly rendered in the style of Norman Rockwell, the drawing depicts a man and a sheep engaged in an act known in France as soixant neuf, and here in the U.S. as totally deranged. But remember, this is NOFX, not NOFNC, and the band really doesn't give a fuck who it offends. One track off the album is titled "August 8th," in commemoration of the day Jerry Garcia died [He actually died on August 9th, see the facts page -- NOFX Junkee], and according to Jeff at Epitaph, the song is less than reverent. Jeff himself is a big Garcia fan, but says NOFX takes no prisoners and holds nothing sacred, having gone so far as to immortalize him in the song "Jeff Wears Birkenstocks," on which they berate him for being a hippy. Produced by Ryan Greene, Heavy Petting Zoo is scheduled for a January 30th release, immediately after which the band will depart on a U.S. tour.

Also out January 30th is Down By Law's latest, All Scratched Up coming soon on Epitaph, but these two albums aren't the first of '96 for the label. That honor goes to newly signed band The Humpers, who will ring in the new year with their January 6th debut release, Live Forever Or Die Trying. Advance word on The Humpers is they are a mixture of The Ramones, The DeadBoys, and The Clash, and they play solid beer drinking music. Recently they've been seen with Clawhammer, doing that whole punk rock revival thang.